A Funnel or Website in ONE Day? Let’s get started!

Have you ever had that moment where you just wish someone could do it all for you?

Let’s be real, you’re crafting a business, so I’m willing to bet that thought has crossed your mind at least once or twice in the last week (maybe even once or twice today).

The great news is, if it’s tech and/or digital marketing that’s making you sigh in despair – and it probably is as you’re on this site…then someone really could do it for you. But how amazing would it be if they could do it in a day?

Seriously, this isn’t a too good to be true sales pitch.

This is a real moment, where I’m telling you I could eliminate your overwhelm and frustration, free up your time and deliver a fantastic website or fully integrated funnel in one-day!

  • No drawn out projects that take months to complete.
  • No excessive emails and shifting timelines.
  • No feeling like you’re just one in a line of many
  • No disappearing acts (which we often hear of in the digital world) when your designer gets bored and moves on to the next.

Digital Intensives are specifically designed to deliver you results, in a single day!


You’re probably wondering what I could typically get done in a day – let me share:

Funnel Intensive
Build a simple 5 step funnel consisting of (as an example) – lead magnet, opt-in page, sales page, thank you page and email automation setup.

Website Intensive
Refresh an existing WordPress website or create a brand new WordPress brochure website with all of the necessary integrations for you to convert leads into paying clients. (4-5 pages in 1 day, 6-8 pages in 2 days)

Digital Boost Intensive

Setup of a course, or project management platform such as Dubsado. Or integration and testing of multiple platforms that need to speak to each other.

It’s important to note, when booking an intensive you are booking me for a day and not a set of deliverables as you would with a project.

However, I want you to get maximum results from your investment, which is why I’ve built the intensives to run seamlessly and efficiently with as much guidance and support as possible.

Step 1

Choose your Defined Digital Intensive Day. Keep in mind there will be some prep work to do before the day and you will need to be accessible on the day so that the team and I can contact you during your intensive.

Step 2

Upon booking you will receive a couple of emails. It’s really important you read these emails as they will give you all the guidance you require about preparing for your intensive as well as giving you access to the client portal.

Step 3

On the day I will work through your action list! Although we aren’t there with you in person, it is very much a collaborative process, with regular check-ins and communication with you via a messaging service of choice.

examples of what’s possible


Some extra special bonuses…



Pre-Intensive Strategy Call
To ensure we get the most out of our time together, we will have a pre-intensive strategy call. During the call, not only will I get clarity on your requirements, I will also be able to share my knowledge and expertise to help ensure what I deliver will be effective for you and your business.



30 Days Post Intensive Support
You will have access to my digital helpdesk where my team and I are on hand to ensure everything is running smoothly beyond your intensive day and to provide answers to any questions you may have.



Access to my Funnel Foundations Masterclass and Website Prep Resources
To help you along with your prep work, I will give you full access to some of my paid content and resources that will help you get organised and bring clarity on how to create a website/funnel that converts.

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How much time do I get as part of the intensive?

The Funnel Intensive and Website Intensives are both full day, which equates to 7 hours dedicated work. In addition, we will have a 60min pre-intensive session and you also get 30 days post-intensive support.

The Digital Support Intensive is 4 hours of dedicated work, again with a pre-intensive session (usually lasting around 45mins) and 30 days post-intensive support.

I know I need a Funnel/Website, but I have nothing prepped - can I still book?


I understand what goes into creating both effective funnels and websites. The masterclass and resources I give you access to will help you get fully prepared and I’ve also created a super simple workflow that tells you exactly what information you need to provide, in order for us to have a successful intensive day.

Do I need to be available on the day of my intensive?

Yes you do.

Although the intensive isn’t run in person or over Zoom, I will still need you to be available on the day so that I can ping things over for feedback or sign-off.

It’s a collaborative process, so please don’t schedule your intensive on a day where you are fully booked with meetings or otherwise engaged.

What if you can't get everything done in a day?

You’d be surprised what can be achieved when you are dedicated solely to a task. 

That said, there are some things that will undoubtedly take more than a day. During our pre-intensive session we will run through your action list and I will be open and frank if I think we need to condense the list or book additional time. 

However, if you’d rather discuss this in advance of booking your day, grab a time in my diary and we can run through it.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Book a free call to discuss further.

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