About Toni and TM&Co.

Consultant, Digital Strategist, Tech Expert, Implementer, Entrepreneur, Geek…I guess I’m all of these things (and more), but even I get confused with what to call myself, so how about we skip the titles and just focus on how I can help you!

the background

Put Simply // I Love What I Do…

Seriously, as cliché as it sounds, I am so grateful that I actually get to do something I’m passionate about. But a lot has happened to get me to this point.

I can only give you the Cliff Notes version here, or honestly this would be a book. But my journey to full-time ‘doing what I want, when I want’ really started on a hot day in 2016, when I was wedged in on a London tube crammed between someone’s bulky bag and another person’s armpit and I simply decided enough was enough.

My commute was 90mins each way. I barely got to see my then 1 year old son and that wasn’t the life I wanted to live. So, I decided to take the website building skills I’d been acquiring over the previous 8 years and turn them into a freelance business.

Fast forward 5 years and I now run TM&Co.

Did I mention I love what I do?!?!

On one side of the business we have Digital Marketing Consulting & Implementation and on the other side of the business we have Online Tech Training.

Oh and it’s not just me. I have the support of a small, but amazing team and honestly I couldn’t be more grateful.


My beautiful, energetic 6 year old son is my why! Everything I do is with his little face in mind

I’ve never drank a cup of coffee (or tea), I get through on sheer willpower and adrenaline

My favourite season is Winter – when you will find me by the fire with a hot chocolate in hand

If I could choose any holiday destination to be my permanent home it would be Mexico #burrito

Yet, learning to speak Spanish has been on my list of things to do for at least 7 years (I know)

When it comes to unwinding, I will take a spa day over anything else

Lightbulb moment

Don’t be afraid to ask for help…

For a long time I thought I had to do ALL THE THINGS in my business by myself – but that simply wasn’t true.

By not asking for help, everything was:

  • slower
  • harder
  • more frustrating

When I remembered that a problem shared really is a problem halved…asking for help became the smart choice.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!


Client Love

I love working with my clients, helping them get results and here is what some of them had to say about working with me…


When you are a tech novice and hear everyone talking about landing pages, sales funnels and such like, you slightly switch off, well I do anyway. However, working with Toni in this area has been highly educational. When asking for a task to be done, she is efficient, supportive but also very honest about what will and will not work. I have really enjoyed delegating my tech tasks to Toni, I know they will always be of the highest quality.


Dimity Louise

Toni has helped me break through barriers, helped me to set up my business properly and to be profitable right from the start. She is so knowledgable about what she does with sales funnels, email marketing, and of course design. She is a great inspiration and I’m so looking forward to working with her again when I get to the next level of my business.


Do you need a CMO?

Hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) isn’t always a possibility for smaller businesses, but it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from having one. If you are looking to fulfil the CMO role, but having a full-time resource isn’t going to work for you for whatever reason – a fractional CMO may be just what you need.